Water Features

With under planning and inexperienced craftsmanship you could be left with hundreds of gallons of water on your hands. Why trust us? With considerable attention to detail we try our best to craft the water feature of your dreams. This knowledge comes from years of working with proper materials that are locally sourced, an extensive knowledge on what looks right and what appears out of place. With a wide range of options to choose from, how do we decide which one is right for you? We start by analyzing the size you have available and the different structures or settings that may come into play. Things such as existing structures utility lines and yard access all have impacts on what possibilities we can achieve with the water feature. Having the right stones, boulders and rocks all have an undeniable importance on weather your project looks man made or natural. Making sure the seal is water tight could not be any more important, it's as bad as going back to square one. If they say experience makes perfect, are you really willing to risk that kind of trouble to an inexperienced handyman? Trust the Landscaping Guru to listen to your vision and make it come to life with the knowledge and background to allow you a longevity of enjoyment.

Koi ponds, waterfalls, pond, and pond-less water features all come with different advantages and disadvantages. A koi pond can truly be an enchanting addition or centerpiece. In so many different landscape designs. At its highlight on a warm June afternoon sitter sitting around and watching beautiful fish swimming and listening to them splash with the sound of water. Perhaps with the front range in the background. This is sounding exactly like a scene from a book or a very well designed resort. However this is easily obtainable on your own property. With the purpose of a koi pond the fish will always come first. Even with some of the elaborate ideas you may have. This in itself is essentially a small ecosystem. Freezing, aeration, chlorine, heat, and even animals such as raccoons, birds and foxes can all affect this little piece of sanctuary.