Here at Landscaping Guru we specialize in segmental retaining walls. Segmental retaining walls are specially engineered to provide support for any freestanding structure by collaborating with gravity. Retaining walls are an important safety feature for the well-being of your home and landscaping by preventing erosion and providing drainage control. They can also be used to optimize your landscaping space for gardens, patios and many other functional features. Pressure-treated timbers, modular block and natural boulders are the most effective and cost-efficient choices from our locally-sourced suppliers.

Retaining walls Will come in a Varity of shapes, colors, and materials. So how do you know what the right retaining wall for you? By definition a retaining wall supports soil. Depending on the amount of soil will determine the wall you will need. lets start will the understanding of traditional concrete blocks.

Decorative Garden beds under 2' can use a simple Lowes or Home Depot Concrete block.

Walls under 4' A hallow fill concrete block will want to be used. This block must be filled both behind and inside with a drainage aggerate to prevent collapse.

For walls over 4' An Engineer will evaluate the dig and Hight. Also an structurally supporting walls such as walls near a house, barn, pool, road, Ect will require a pin locking block.

Natural Stone, and landscaping timbers

All of these can and will make beautiful strong retaining walls if done correctly. However keep in mind the life expectancy on timbers is 30 years here in Colorado. Much much less in wetter environments. Natural stone can include but not limited to. Boulders, Flagstone, Fieldstone, and quarry cut materials.

A natural-looking boulder retaining wall is a great addition to any landscape. Boulder rocks will be placed on gradually slanted soil, a properly angled slope is key as too much of an angle will cause boulders to be weak and the wall to tumble down. With the correct angles and rock size, gravity will press down the boulders causing the rocks to naturally interlock with one another creating a strong functional wall. Boulder retaining walls tend to be much wider than traditional retaining walls and it's a captivating addition.

Hardscaping Should last a century. Concrete cracks with thaw and frost cycles. also with concrete drying to fast. no one wants those unsightly cracks. Your not getting rid of them. Its no surprise why pavers and flagstone cost more. Take a look at the Roman roads. They might not be beautiful however still completely functional today.

Replacing deck with Flagstone Patio

Our clinet Chris from Gunbarrel was in dire need of help with his backyard deck, he was experiencing drainage issues that could potentially cause settling issues.

The grating under his patio had failed, what you can't see is there are large holes under the window to the left against the foundation where water had run up against the foundation, frozen, and thus pushed the dirt away from the concrete. Additionally they were having problems with animals getting under the deck which can spread diseases and bacteria.

Chris and The Guru crew had decided to remove the current deck, correct the grading and replace it with a flagstone patio.

"This was overall a *huge* help and I know it was harder than expected due to the severe grading issues under the original trex-deck, the settling underneath really was horrible. Here is the new porch today - That is clearly a massive improvement :-). Well done!" - Homeowner Chris N.