Landscape design is the art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. It involves designing and planning landscapes such as gardens, parks, and public spaces to enhance their natural beauty and functionality. Landscape design involves a wide range of elements, including trees, plants, water features, outdoor structures, and lighting.

The goal of landscape design is to create outdoor spaces that are visually appealing, sustainable, and functional. A good landscape designer takes into account the environmental conditions of the site, such as soil type, climate, and sunlight exposure, to select the right plants and materials that will thrive in the space. They also consider the needs and preferences of the client, as well as the intended use of the space, to design a landscape that meets the client's goals.

Landscape design also involves considering the long-term maintenance of the landscape. A well-designed landscape should be easy to maintain and sustainable over time. This includes selecting low-maintenance plants, using sustainable materials, and designing irrigation systems that conserve water.

In summary, landscape design is the art and science of creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that enhance the natural environment and meet the needs of the client.

Hiring A Contractor

Investigating A Quote, Estimate & Contract

Landscaping Guru is a full-service company, we are not your typical mow and go maintenance company. We provide landscaping/hardscaping design, installation and maintenance services and pursue long-term client relationships. We take pride in doing things the right way first time by recruiting quality craftsmen that will complete your project  proficiently and make certain that it looks great and functions properly. When hiring Landscaping Guru as your contractor you are choosing us out of a number of companies to be responsible for providing labor, equipment and maintenance for your desired project and that is something we do not take lightly. In this industry there are no set pricing standards and each contractor will have different prices for the same project. We are not looking to be the cheapest choice out there by lowballing you. More often than not the cheapest is usually producing low quality of work and cutting corners which leads to costly repairs and time consuming adjustments. We believe transparency is one of the top things our clients deserve, with that said, let's jump into the business side of hiring Landscaping Guru as your contractor. 

Your first initial contact with us, we will take the time to listen to the size, scope, expectations and your needs that are related to your project. During this Q&A session we are gathering information needed so we can come up with a rough figure of the materials, products and services you need so we can provide you with a quote of what this may cost you. If you decide this project is within a budget you are willing to invest in we will move forward to step two in the process by constructing an estimate (proposal). At this stage our estimator will come to the project site to get correct measurements and discuss the details of your project with you to get an approximation of costs. A breakdown of an estimated price customarily consists of: 40% for the materials needed, overhead and of course, profit margin which as a general rule is 15 to 20%. Once you accept and sign our estimate your project's journey gets to a running start! We work diligently to locally source high-quality products and materials to accomplish your expected outcome. At this time we will want to finalize and commit to your custom agreement with a contract (invoice). This contract will detail every step of the process for your project including a timeline with start and completion date, a list with information on services, materials and products that will be used and our payment schedule. We require split payment that is divided into three installments which we accept cash, check or electronic payments. Here at Landscaping Guru we have a passion for providing our clients with an experience beyond comparison, are you ready to take these steps with us? 

Payment Schedule

10% - at contract signing

40% - when materials arrive on project site

50% - upon project completion