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It is with a heavy heart that Landscaping Guru must announce closing of our operations this year. Due to unforeseen personal issues that have recently come to light, we need to focus our undivided attention on resolving them. As a result, our services for the 2023 season will be closed.

We want to express our gratitude to our long-time clients for their unwavering support. We assure you that we will be back in full swing as soon as possible. 

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time and thank you for your continued support. Rest assured, we remain committed to delivering high-quality landscaping services and look forward to serving you to the best of our ability in the near future. 

Welcome to Landscaping Guru

Whether you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your backyard, a commercial property manager in need of routine maintenance, or a real estate developer seeking professional landscaping services, our team of skilled professionals is here to assist you.

We take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every project we undertake. From lawn care and irrigation to Aqua-Scaping and hardscaping, we offer a full suite of services to meet your unique needs.

Our website is designed to provide you with easy access to information about our services, as well as helpful tips and resources to help you maintain your outdoor spaces. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our company and how we can help you achieve your landscaping and property maintenance goals.

Thank you for considering our services. We look forward to working with you to create the beautiful, functional outdoor spaces you deserve.

Servicing the Greater Northern Denver Metro Area and Boulder County including the surrounding communities of Commerce City, Westminster, Thornton, Boulder, Erie, Frederick, Firestone, Longmont, Mead and Berthoud.

From trimming trees to grass, Retaining walls to Waterfalls, Give us a call, We do it all!


      Many think that landscaping is simply mowing your lawn, fall leaves clean up and springtime flower planting. Your outdoor living space is the very first thing your guests and community see that leaves a lasting impression when visiting your property. Landscaping incorporates two different elements of hardscaping and soft scaping to design your own personal outdoor sanctuary. Any outdoor man made custom structure using heavy, yet movable materials such as stone, rock and flagstone is called hardscaping. Think of stepping stones, retaining walls and water features, these are a few of numerous hardscape designs to enhance your landscape. Soft scape is either permanent or temporary living horticultural elements; trees, shrubs, flowers and ground cover that is constantly changing and evolving. Adding greenery naturally cleans the air and produces more oxygen helping the environment and your health. Is there an area of your home that gets too much sun or is susceptible to wind? We can tackle this problem with a wall of trees or shrubs to block the sunlight and cold winter winds. This small change will not only add to the appearance of your home but the sustainability as well by reducing your monthly energy expenses.

     Weather you are considering a move or looking to create a beautiful oasis, the state of your landscape speaks volumes about your property. Our landscaping architects will combined  their experience with your personal expression to design, develop, maintain and enhance your landscaping needs.

     Are you looking to make the most of your budget while considering long term costs? Want to dramatically improve your curb appeal and significantly increase your property value? Transforming your outdoor spaces with stone elements such as pavers, flagstone and crushed stone, provides safety and lasting durability that has long-term cost efficiency which will last decades. Concrete requires extensive upkeep and is highly prone to unsightly stains and unsafe cracking that can lead to high-cost repairs and replacements. Temperature changes, ground movement, along with excess foot and vehicle traffic will cause the concrete to shift creating water drainage issues that is the leading cause of sinking concrete. It's no surprise that the Romans used the ancient masonry techniques with its solid foundations and cambered surfaces to engineer roads that have lasted over 800 years. Stone pavers are long lasting and substantially stronger as they are able to hold around 5,500 PSI more than concrete and flagstone an astounding total of 10,600 PSI. The joints between these stones allow for proper water drainage which reduces cracking and is easier to repair and maintain. With a wide selection of colors/style options, let's dig deep into your ideas and create a natural extension you'll love for years to come. 

     We all know life can be stressful, by adding water features, mother nature can provide soothing sights and tranquil sounds that help to promote relaxation and destress to wash your worries away. During your zen time you can lower your blood pressure, improve your mental health and the wild life will benefit as well! Water gardens, ponds and features are by far the Landscaping Guru's favorite projects, displays of water working in harmony with mother nature to create your own piece of paradise to enjoy. Let's get your feet wet with three different types of aquatic works of art... always remember, your imagination is the only limit.

     Professionally designed fountains and pondless waterfalls are a perfect choice if you are looking for a refreshing addition of flowing water that is adaptable to a variety of terrain with low maintenance. A pondless waterfall features a non filtration system that pumps water into a basin and pumps the water back to the top to start the cycle over again, generating a harmony enhancing outdoor experience.

     Enjoy an outdoor adventure with ponds that are specifically designed with a natural setting for fresh water fish to coexist with plant life. To achieve the proper stability for your fish to flourish there will need to be a MINIMUM of three feet in depth, deeper is encouraged. Sunlight and water clarity is the most important factor, be sure to keep rocks and gravel out of your fish habitat. Ponds must have a proper biological filtration system to keep their ecosystem balanced.

     Water gardens are a beautiful yet functional waterscape that highlights aquatic plants with unique types of flowers and plants that work together to produce a healthy ecosystem. A well balanced ecosystem is essential for clean water, to add oxygen and to compete with algae. For your aquatic garden to thrive you will need a shallow body of water and the correct type of plants.

     With all outdoor water, skipping on maintenance can get ugly fast. Avoid costly mistakes by leaving your  water technology in the Guru's hands.

We provide a plethora of landscape maintenance services to our Commercial, and Residential customers, these include, but are not limited, to the following:

Mulching, Mowing, Fertilizing, Lawn Aeration, Over-Seeding, Leaf-Removal, Irrigation, Tree and Shrub Care and more.

Landscape Design Questionnaire

    There are some important things to consider when thinking about your own personalized design. Here are some thought simulating questions to help make your landscape dreams come true. Do you delight in cooking and entering for large groups in your outdoor living space? Will you need a sizeable lawn for your family actives or for your pets to run? Maybe a small intimate nook for cozy Sunday breakfast? Is gardening another chore you'd like to avoid or something that brings you peace and relaxation? Do you enjoy a garden full of your favorite flowers or would you enjoy growing your own fruits and vegetables? Do you appreciate watching birds, butterflies and bees buzzing in your garden? Do you envision your space open and free flowing or overflowing with color and texture? Are you interested in recycling storm water run off or is an automatic irrigation more your speed? Do you have problem areas you just can't get on top of? What are your projects control points; plot plans, HOA requirements, landscape grade? Are you focusing on your entire property or just the front or backyard? What is the max budget plan for your design? Call us today to set up an estimate.